pet-grooming-2In today’s world, everyone is specializing in something. It is no different in the world of pets and dog grooming. Although groomers have been around for a long time, a pet owner can almost be led to believe that he or she must take their pet to a groomer, in order to get the best service possible! Not true!!

All Pets Animal Hospital, offers a grooming service! As a matter of fact, did you know that we offer FREE

nail clipping anytime in our office? Yes, free. A service we feel is very important to your pet’s and your, happiness. Imagine how frustrating it can be for your dog, and upsetting to you, for them be snagging hisor her nails on your favorite knit blanket? Well, with added expense factored out of the equation, keeping your pet’s nails properly trimmed can be a regular thing. Nails that are too long can also be a safety hazard for your little friend as these can also snag on ground cover and maybe cause a fall for him or her.

“But, I cut them myself,” you might be saying. “I’ve been doing it for years!”That may be true, but an unexpected move on your dog’s part, can cause him or her to be injured, and lead to other medical issues. Why not just let us do it for you? For free.

As for their hair grooming, we are trained in more than hair cutting; we are a medical facility, and know the best way to keep your pet safe during a grooming. We are not here to sell you fancy shampoos and products for our little friends. We know for sure, which animals need extra eye care or anal gland cleaning. AND, the most important thing of all; If he or she is our precious patient, your pet already knows us. How much more comfortable they will be in a facility whose scents are familiar to them. And a staff they have known. And you, as pet parents can be a little more at ease that the experience will be easier and more comfortable all around, if you let, All Pet Animal Hospital, of West Babylon, L.I., fulfill all your pet grooming needs.


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